At iCult, Michael and his rescue dog, Chloe, are driven to do their bit to improve the world. Regardless of how we arrived where we currently are, we are our own greatest self-experts, and are uniquely positioned to allow ourselves to become the one-off individuals, that are already within us. Other people; even Elon Musk, Ed Sheeran and Kim Kardashian, are separate jobs in progress. Like anyone else, they are futile targets to try to mimic.

It's better to find a nonspecific life understanding, that allows us to relate to people, systems and our locales, both generally, and in the broadest manner. This is similar to Jesus' approach in many of his more figurative parables. Obscurity will relate more widely, without its direct specificity. It's about balance. Terms like religious or secular, are quite nebulous too, but people allow them to get in the way of their own personal growth.

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iCult is not a cult, or even a religion. Its insistence that individuality is crucial; meaning we should avoid identities and group mentalities, cements the veracity of that opening sentence. The misleading pictures on this website, stem from iCult being a conceptual entity with little in terms of aesthetics. In some senses, religious or perhaps philosophical connections might apply, but the supernatural is categorically rejected. At the impossible extremity of iCult, an utopian world must exist, in which we're all equally opposite to one another, i.e., we would be "conforming by nonconformity". The previous quote forms the subtitle of Michael's first nonfiction: "I am". You can further explore his thoughts and words via the underlined website below. If iCult required a central text, like in our major religions, then "I am" would be it: a non-Bible-Bible, albeit very small compared to Christianity's New Testament. However, "I am" is courageously transparent. By distilling both of these an obvious overlap appears, because Jesus said love and humility, whereas "I am" insists on individuality, and that hinges strongly on humility anyway.

Mankind needs an alternative: love fails between groups, and total individuality is fantasy.

St Paul said "faith, hope and charity(love)";

how about "balance, respect and love" ?

"I am" *can* be read in about an hour, leaving a choice. Decisions *can* be made in an instance, a lifetime, or never at all.

There is an author profile with book links here:

A shortcut to buy the"I am" book is here, but it's free as a PDF via the link at the top.

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Built as a benevolent internet space, this website is a financial liability, because excepting of my recently published and ambitious "EVERYTHING" book, I sell at the cheapest possible shopkeeper like amounts. Below are pictures of two of my front covers.



At iCult, we are neither qualified, skilled or motivated to work with youth. However, it would be iCult's policy to pass on one piece of advice to young people. The late author Susan Jeffers, expressed it through the title of her famous book alone, which is of course, "Feel the fear and do it anyway".




Some questions without time limits :

What is the sound of one hand clapping?

What is your original face before you were born?


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